Branding and Business Suits - Spring 2017 - Rutgers Business School

LIFT leads in a strategic panel-based discussion on the important of attire and alignment of attire to one's brand. The event had approximately 75 early-stage professionals from the Rutgers Business School, Newark Campus.

LinkedIn Leaders - November 2016 - Orama Edgewater

LIFT lead a LinkedIn-rich event in which a seasoned panel discussed the key strategies to empowering profile development via a strategic LinkedIn profile plus career tips and tricks from established professionals.

Spring for a Cure - Spring 2016 - West New York, NJ

LIFT joins with nearly a dozen sponsors and guests to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

Lift and Sip - Summer 2015 - Jersey City, NJ

LIFT, along with it's supporters, indulge in an evening of wine tasting, networking and fun.